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Working on a new story; will get completed by thursday

  Title: Embarking on a New Creative Odyssey: My Upcoming Story I have exams so I will not be able to complete this story. It will probably take 3 or 4 day to complete. I have last exam on wednesday, so I will just write a whole series and publish it as a book. Introduction The thrill of starting a new writing project is like stepping into uncharted territory. The possibilities are endless, and the excitement is palpable. Today, I'm delighted to announce that I'm embarking on a new creative odyssey, a journey into the world of storytelling, as I work on my next compelling tale. In this blog article, I'll take you behind the scenes and share my motivations, inspirations, and aspirations for this upcoming story. The Spark of Inspiration Every great story begins with a spark of inspiration, a moment when an idea takes root and begins to grow. For me, this new project was no different. It was born from a vivid dream, a fleeting image that lingered long after I woke up. It was o

Today's exam didn't went very well

I have exams going on and today was Biology. Biology is a subject in which I used to score 100 easily and it is also the subject in which almost all the classes get passed. It is not because we love the subject or we want to become a doctor something, but because of the teacher.  Our Biology teachers explain the chapters and important topics exceptionally well and also take regular tests. This time I had taken leave because I had to study Maths in which I was determined to score 100 - this also didn't end well, I will tell this story in a future post. So, I was not present during the revision classes and yesterday, I do not know why, I had not studied even a single word.  It was embarrassing staring at question paper all the time when your answer sheets were blank. I had just taken the worst exam of this term.  The questions were easy (so I have heard from others), but for me, they were really tough and I ended up leaving a lot of them. I expect marks between 40-50 out of 80. This

A Nuclear Comedy: School Science Exhibition's Quest for Energy

Title: "A Nuclear Comedy: School Science Exhibition's Quest for Energy" Introduction: The school's Science Exhibition is buzzing with excitement as students and teachers brainstorm innovative ideas. One proposal that's raised both eyebrows and laughter is the installation of a nuclear reactor. However, this isn't your typical science project - it's laced with humor and a dash of political intrigue. Let's dive into the hilarious and unexpected journey of choosing the perfect nuclear fuel. The Deuterium Dilemma: The initial suggestion was to use Deuterium (²H) as the primary fuel for the nuclear reactor. It's known for being relatively cheap and easy to obtain. But where's the fun in that? Our aspiring scientists wanted something more exciting, and they set their sights on Tritium (³H) and Thorium. Tritium Triumph: Tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, seemed like the perfect candidate. It's abundant and offers high energy yields, makin

Unveiling the Significance of "Hearts and Hands" in O. Henry's Short Story

A detailed article discussing the title justification of O. Henry's short story, "Hearts and Hands." Title: Unveiling the Significance of "Hearts and Hands" in O. Henry's Short Story Introduction: In the world of literature, a well-chosen title can serve as a doorway to the essence of a story, offering readers a glimpse into its themes, characters, and underlying messages. O. Henry, the celebrated American short-story writer known for his wit and surprise endings, masterfully employs this technique in his work, "Hearts and Hands." Though deceptively simple, the title holds profound significance, encapsulating the duality and deception at the heart of this captivating narrative. The Dual Nature of "Hearts and Hands": At first glance, the title "Hearts and Hands" appears straightforward, suggesting a story that might revolve around themes of love, affection, or perhaps human connection. However, O. Henry employs this title with a

Unmasking Human Duality: A Deeper Look into O. Henry's "Hearts and Hands"

Title: Unmasking Human Duality: A Deeper Look into O. Henry's "Hearts and Hands" Introduction: O. Henry, the prolific American short-story writer known for his unexpected twists and insightful character studies, presents readers with another gem in his collection: "Hearts and Hands." This short story, published in 1912, is a captivating exploration of the complexity of human nature and the art of deception. With a seemingly straightforward title, "Hearts and Hands," O. Henry cleverly conceals the dualities that define his characters and the choices they make. Plot Summary: "Hearts and Hands" is set on a train traveling through Colorado. The narrative primarily revolves around three characters: Miss Fairchild, the marshal, and Mr. Easton. As the story unfolds, it becomes evident that Miss Fairchild and Mr. Easton share a romantic history, having been engaged to be married years ago. The Twist: The plot takes an unexpected turn when the marshal

A Remarkable Achievement: Excelling in the Mathematics Exam on October 6, 2023

Title: A Remarkable Achievement: Excelling in the Mathematics Exam on October 6, 2023 Introduction The date was October 6, 2023, a day that will forever be etched in my memory as a significant milestone in my academic journey. On this fateful day, I had my mathematics exam, and I couldn't be more thrilled to share my experience. While I aimed for perfection, scoring above 95% was a remarkable achievement that showcased substantial improvement. Preparation and Aspirations Preparing for this mathematics exam had been a journey of dedication, persistence, and a thirst for knowledge. I embarked on a rigorous study schedule months in advance, seeking to understand the nuances of the subject thoroughly. My goal was to secure a perfect score of 100, a daunting task that required unwavering commitment. The Study Routine To prepare comprehensively, I adhered to a structured study routine. This included reviewing textbooks, working through practice problems, seeking clarification from my tea

Maths becomes quite boring before exams when you have completed your portion

My second terminal examinations are starting from Friday, 6th October 2023.  Maths is the first exam and I am preparing for it for over a week now. It is quite unusual for me as only two days are left for examination and I am not feeling any pressure or fear of it. Some people would say it is a good things, but I believe that when you are not taking your exams seriously, this happens.  I cannot disagree that I am not taking my exams seriously. I have completed my syllabus but I am not doing even a bit of revision for the exams. I just open my textbooks and notebooks and sit staring at it. I have wasted so much time. It is such a shame for a standard 10 student to behave like this. Whenever, I try to revise the previous chapters, I start thinking that I have solved it previously, it was easy, I would be able to solve it, but in reality I know nothing.  I do not know how to start feeling the pressure and how to create a fear, because it is the fear or love for knowledge that makes you to

How GoDaddy almost panicked me

This post can also be titled "How GoDaddy fooled me". A few weeks ago, on 2nd September 2023, I received an email from GoDaddy and the National Internet Exchange of India, informing me that my .in domain is going to expire in 30 days on 2nd October 2023. After I read the emails, I thought I had a lot of time and for a few hours did not think about it. The next day, I received a message on WhatsApp from GoDaddy to renew the domain. I thought these people irritate me a lot and close the message. When a few days later, I logged in to my GoDaddy account to check the price of the renewal, I was shocked to notice that it was 1300 Rs, much more than I had anticipated. I do not earn as of now, so I mostly have to rely on my parents to keep this website running. When I saw the price of the renewal, I was almost sure that this website was now going to be closed. Not because my parents would deny giving me the money, but because I do not want to ask for it every single time.  One day, I

Tests Over; Now completing Maths syllabus

Today was my last test of Computer and English Language which went pretty well.  I am currently completing my maths syllabus. I am planning to get full 100 marks in this term maths exam as yesterday my maths teacher told me few lines which made me really upset. Well, that is also a good motivation. Now, I am going to get full marks and show him what I am capable of.  I guess, he truly understands me. Last time, my maths paper went bad and I got only 52 out of 80, so this time I had already got 15 out of 15 in my tests. 5 marks are confirmed for copymarks and I just need to work really hard to get full 80 in the terminals. 

Afflicted by Illness and Confronted with Academic Assessments: My Dual Challenge

I had tests from Monday, 11th September and I got sick on Friday. I had a really bad headache when I reached home after school on Friday. The next day, it got worse and now my whole head was aching and there was immense body pain.  On Monday, I had the tests of Maths and Hindi, so I took medicines and started to prepare for the test.  I was not hoping that my Maths would go well, but the questions were easy, and I was easily able to score full marks.  Today, that is Tuesday was Physics and English Literature. For Physics, I had the chapter Electric Current, which is a very big chapter, and revising it a day before the test was tough, especially when I was sick.  But again, the paper was easy, and I made just one mistake with Semiconductors rest of everything was correct, even the Numericals were easy.  Today's day at school was a little bit bad. I had a runny nose today, and the whole day it troubled me a lot. Still, at the time of writing, I am sneezing and even my eyes are also c

Went to Tata Steel India Environment Meet 2023

I was one of the students from my school (Sri Krishna Public School) who were sent to the Tata Steel India Environment Meet, which was organized yesterday, on 2nd September 2023.  I took part in the Essay Competition and was informed about it a couple of weeks ago. The essay topics would be related to environmental issues and Climate Change, which was mentioned in the invitation letter sent to my school. I had practiced almost nothing in those two weeks and done most of my preparation a day before the event on Friday. I have researched a lot about Climate Change, Global Warming, environmental and social issues related to Climate Change, Policies by Governments, and Ways to control Carbon emissions and capture Carbon from the atmosphere.  I had prepared an outline for the essay which I was going to write the next, assuming it was a thousand words long.  I was confident that after all this hard work, I would surely win a prize. I usually do not care for winning prizes while going to comp

2nd Essay completed

  It's 3:15 AM IST and I have just completed the second essay for the English language project. I also designed this quote for sharing on social media.

Writing 2nd essay for English project

  I have just started writing the second essay for the English project: Imagine that you were all alone at home on a winter night. Suddenly there was thunder, lightning and heavy rain. There was no electricity, and the inverter in your house stopped working. Narrate how you felt and what you did at that time. I will try to complete it before the evening and post it on

Using ChatGPT for writing project essays

  I have got a lot of essays to write during the summer vacation. I have used ChatGPT to get the first essay done. I am not going to copy it completely, I will just note down some important points and use them in my own essay. This was my prompt: “Every person must have some skill in life.” Describe an important skill that you are learning, giving the various advantages that will accrue to you after learning it. This was the reply I got: One important skill that I am currently learning is programming. Programming is the art of writing instructions for computers to follow, allowing me to create software, websites, and applications. There are several advantages that can accrue to me after learning programming: 1. Problem Solving: Programming enhances my problem-solving abilities. It teaches me to break down complex problems into smaller, manageable tasks and develop logical solutions. This skill is valuable not only in the field of programming but also in various aspects of life, such as

Completed the biography of the 4th writer for Hindi project

  I completed the biography of the 4th writer Siyaramsharan Gupt today at around 1:30 am IST. I had wasted a lot of time since morning and now preparing to write about the 5th writer which is Yashpal.

Biography of 3rd writer completed, continue writing about the fourth one after dinner

It is exactly 10:30 pm IST at the time of writing and I have just completed the 3rd writing for my Hindi project.    The third one was just one page as information about him was not available in abundance on the Internet. Sudarshan was the 3rd writer. He is one of the greatest writers of the First World War time in India.  He has accomplished a lot of things including serving as an Editor for multiple big publications, publishing stories and essays in both Hindi and Urdu magazines and newspapers, publishing books, and writing and directing films. I am now headed to dinner and then write about the fourth writer Siyaramsharan Gupt.

Completed the biography of 1st writer for Hindi project, now writing the secomd one

  I know, I write terribly in Hindi. I will improve my handwriting later.  I have just completed the biography of Indian author Premchand a few hours ago then took a short break for just 2 hours (it is not short). I am now writing the biography of the 2nd of the 18 authors Jainendra Kumar.  I have read a lot of biographies, but these biographies of authors from British India are different. It shows their achievements as well as their struggle. Their families not having enough wealth to get them proper education. They had to switch multiple jobs as the economy at that time was in a bad situation, but they did not leave their hobby and kept writing. Some were banned from publishing and were sent to prisons for their nationalistic ideologies. I am truly amazed at how these nationalistic authors kept on writing. If others were fighting for freedom through protests and wars, these fighters were fighting it through their literary works. I am so glad to read about these great personalities

Completed History project, currently doing Hindi

It has been a long time since I wrote here. I got too busy with the projects and that is why I could not write on  I completed History the day before yesterday. Yesterday was not that productive. I spent most of the time researching for the Hindi project and at night around 9 pm IST started writing.  For the Hindi project, I have to write a biography of 18 Indian authors. It is quite fun reading about their life and achievements.  My school is opening on the 12 of this month and I have a lot of work to do.  I guess, I will try writing an article for today. I have found an interesting topic and this is also related to China. 

Reached 500 clicks on Google

  Today's Morning was rough but by the setting, it was so pleasant. I recently received an email from Google Search Console in which I was congratulated on reaching 500 clicks from Google Search in the past 28 days. This news is motivating. I am glad to see the progress of and the results of my hard work. Thank you! Everyone who ever visited this website. I love writing and with this website, I can keep improving it and try to add some valuable things for the world to read. I had a chat with a friend. I am completing my project work, so I may be less active here. But I will try my best to keep the site updated regularly and add valuable content. Thanks Again.

I was able to learn so much while completing my history project

  I posted a screenshot of the History project on Twitter yesterday. I said in the tweet that I was working on my History project, which is taking so much effort.   I was also able to learn so much while doing it. I have still left several projects and as my vacation ends, completing all those is such a headache. But I am enjoying completing my projects, I can learn new things while doing the research for the projects.  I am planning to complete my History project today only. I guess I probably had to sit all night to complete it, but it is worth skipping sleep. I will share it on my website when it gets completed.