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Celebrating One Year of A Year of Growth and Success

Title: Celebrating One Year of A Year of Growth and Success Introduction Exactly one year ago, on October 2, 2022, came into existence. Today, as we mark its first anniversary, it's a moment of reflection, celebration, and anticipation for what the future holds. In this article, we'll take a detailed look at the journey of over the past year, highlighting its accomplishments, challenges, and the vision ahead. The Genesis was conceived as a platform to share knowledge, experiences, and insights across a diverse range of topics, from technology and science to lifestyle and personal development. Its founders, Mayank and Vikash, envisioned it as a hub where information would be easily accessible, well-researched, and engaging for readers worldwide. Year One: A Year of Milestones Over the past year, has achieved several significant milestones: 1. **Content Growth**: The website has published over 100 we is on Trustpilot

Yesterday, 1st October 2023, at around 10:30 PM IST, tech blog was listed on Trustpilot, a Danish customer reviews website. You can find the link here: is committed to providing unbiased articles to its readers for free. 

Announcing my new story "Echovale"

I just thought of a new story (It just came into my head). The story is titled "Echovale" which is named after the town/village it is based in. It is a mysterious story about the different incidents in the small town which connects together. I have not at the time of writing thought of the plot, but I have formed a basic beginning of the story. Unfortunately, I have my second terminal examination on the 6th of October, so I will be writing it during the holidays after the exams. I will divide this story into several small chapters and publish them as they are finished then at last I will compile everything into 1 book and publish it.  The first story will be published after my exams are over. will not be closed

Yes. You read it right. This website is going to continue.  I had told in the previous post that the cost of renewing this domain from GoDaddy was too much for me to afford.  But money is not the case anymore. I had asked my parents and they agreed to pay 1600Rs. renewal charge for this .in domain.  So, this website is going to continue for another year. I am not posting anything on since a long time because I am focusing on my studies and my performance this term was really bad, so I guess I need to work harder. By the way, I am currently reading Biology chapter 9, The Excretlry System.  I could not wait to write about this exciting news, so I just picked my phone and started typing (Yes I use my phone to manage this blog, but for the main site, I need my laptop). is going down for sometime

Hello all, I created this website on 2nd October 2022. When I received the mail to renew the domain, I found out that the renewal price was too high which I as a student cannot afford. Therefore, I will be switching to Blogger ernoon and other publishing platforms.  It's sad. Yesterday, I lost the Essay Writing Competition which I was so sure that I would win and I wanted to win. After that, I thought, writing was not right for me and I was almost going to give up. Today I received an email from GoDaddy, asking to renew the domain which is highly overpriced (almost double what I paid at the time of purchase).  See you at other places! 

🎧 Listen to the Whispers of "The Fairest Lady": Audiobook Announcement

Dear Audiobook Enthusiasts and Readers, I'm thrilled to share some exciting news with you all! The enchanting world of "The Fairest Lady" is now expanding to reach your ears. Yes, you heard it right—get ready to immerse yourself in a captivating auditory experience as the audiobook version of "The Fairest Lady" is coming soon! **Journey into Darkness and Love:** Narrated by a voice that brings the story to life, the audiobook of "The Fairest Lady" will transport you into a world where darkness and love collide. From the whispering winds to the tender exchanges between characters, every nuance will be beautifully captured, allowing you to lose yourself in the narrative. **An Immersive Experience:** Whether you're commuting, relaxing, or simply want to lose yourself in a tale that transcends time, the audiobook offers a new dimension to the story. Feel the shivers down your spine during the suspenseful moments and the warmth of affection as love blos

πŸ“š"The Fairest Lady" Grand Debut: Unveiling Tomorrow

Dear Literary Enthusiasts, The wait is nearly over! Tomorrow, on August 16, 2023, a world of enchantment, love, and mystery will unfold before your eyes with the release of "The Fairest Lady" by Mayank Vikash. As we count down the hours until this mesmerizing tale graces the shelves, let's delve into what makes this release an event to anticipate. **A Saga of Unveiling:** Tomorrow marks the dawn of a new chapter—a chapter that transports you into a universe where love defies the boundaries of time and darkness. The pages of "The Fairest Lady" are poised to come alive, painting a canvas of emotions and intrigue that will leave you spellbound. **The Power of the Promotional Cover:** With each passing moment, the anticipation grows, and the promotional cover itself is a tantalizing glimpse into the narrative's essence. It's a visual representation of the world you're about to step into—a world where every corner holds a secret, and every shadow dances w

"The Fairest Lady" - An Unforgettable Tale of Love and Immortality Wikipedia Article

![The Fairest Lady](insert_image_url_here) "**The Fairest Lady**," an enchanting novel penned by the skilled author Mayank Vikash, is poised to take the literary world by storm with its gripping narrative that seamlessly weaves together elements of romance, fantasy, and destiny. This captivating tale is a testament to the power of storytelling, offering readers a chance to escape into a world where love defies the constraints of time and immortality beckons. **Plot Unveiled:** In "The Fairest Lady," readers are introduced to a young girl whose life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with a mysterious newcomer. As the narrative unfolds, we are invited into her world, where emotions and mysteries intertwine to create a spellbinding experience. The story navigates the delicate dance between reality and fantasy, blurring the lines between the two in a way that keeps readers engaged from the very first page. **Characters That Resonate:** One of the novel'

πŸ“š Step Into a World of Enchantment: "The Fairest Lady" Arriving in 10 Days! πŸ“–

🌟 Get ready to embark on a journey that will transport you to a realm of magic, love, and destiny. In just 10 days, on August 16th, 2023, we're thrilled to introduce you to "The Fairest Lady," a captivating tale spun by the gifted storyteller Mayank Vikash. 🌹 This isn't just a book; it's an invitation to a world where emotions run deep, mysteries unfold, and love defies all odds. Mayank Vikash's unique storytelling style has a way of making characters come alive and whisking readers away on an unforgettable adventure. πŸ“– "The Fairest Lady" is a tale that transcends time, weaving together the threads of fate and immortality. From the very first page, you'll be drawn into a narrative that will keep you spellbound until the very end. Are you ready to be swept off your feet? πŸ“… Mark your calendars for August 16th, 2023, because that's the day when this literary masterpiece will be available for you to dive into. Whether you're a die-hard fa

The Fairest Lady: πŸ“š Get Ready for a Literary Adventure! πŸ“–

πŸŽ‰ Exciting News Alert! πŸŽ‰ In just 10 days, we're bringing you a captivating tale that will transport you to a world of magic, love, and destiny. Get ready to dive into the pages of "The Fairest Lady," the upcoming novel by the talented author Mayank Vikash. 🌟 Immerse yourself in a story that defies time and space, where characters come alive and emotions run deep. From love's tender moments to the mysteries that unravel, this novel promises an unforgettable journey that will keep you turning pages late into the night. πŸ“… Mark your calendars for the release on 16th August, 2023, and make space on your bookshelf for this literary gem. Mayank Vikash's masterful storytelling is about to captivate your heart and take you on an adventure you won't want to miss. πŸ“– Pre-order your copy today to be among the first to experience the magic! Stay tuned for updates, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes insights as we count down the days to the much-anticipated release of &

Oppenheimer review – Christopher Nolan’s volatile biopic is a towering achievement

It’s billed as a biopic of theoretical physicist J Robert Oppenheimer, dubbed the “father of the atomic bomb”. But “biopic” seems too small a word to contain the ambition and scope of Christopher Nolan’s formidable if occasionally unwieldy latest. Oppenheimer is a dense and intricate period piece, playing out in a tangle of timelines. It weaves together courtroom drama, romantic liaisons, laboratory epiphanies and lecture hall personality cults. But perhaps more than all of this, Oppenheimer is the ultimate monster movie. Cillian Murphy’s Oppenheimer is an atomic-age Frankenstein, a man captivated by the boundless possibilities of science, realising too late that his creation has a limitless capacity for destruction. Ultimately, however, the monster in this story is not Oppenheimer’s invention but the appetite for annihilation that it unleashes in mankind. It’s a realisation that plays out, inexorably, in Oppenheimer’s hollow, haunted face as the film unfolds. Murphy’s far-seeing ice-c

‘Facekinis’ become popular in China as temperatures soar

 In scorching Beijing, “facekinis” are the hottest new fashion as surging temperatures shatter records. With the air temperature rising above 35C (95F) and the ground surface temperature soaring as high as 80C in some parts of the country, residents and visitors have taken to carrying portable fans and covering themselves up to avoid getting burnt. Some hats even have fans built in. Facekinis – full-face masks with holes for the wearer’s eyes and nose – separate sleeves to cover arms, as well as wide-brimmed hats and lightweight jackets made out of UV-resistant fabric, have become especially popular. “Compared to before the pandemic, two or three years ago, this year is much, much better than previous years. Sales volume is definitely up a lot this year,” said a salesperson, who gave her surname as Wang, who works in a shop that sells hats. Many female consumers in east Asia favour fair skin, and sun protection products are also popular in neighbouring countries such as South Korea. “T

Heatwave set to be Greece’s longest as extreme weather continues in Europe

 The heatwave engulfing Greece is expected to be the longest in the country’s history, with temperatures forecast to reach a 50-year high for July this weekend. Kostas Lagouvardos, the director of research at the Athens National Observatory, told ERT television: “According to the data, we will probably go through 16-17 days of a heatwave, which has never happened before in our country.” Greece defines a heatwave as a period when temperatures reach or exceed 39C (102F). The past week has seen extreme heat hit southern Europe, the US and north Africa. Italy experienced its third heatwave of the summer and temperatures are forecast to spike in Spain on Sunday when national elections are being held. People watch wildfires burn near the village of Pournari, about 25km south-west of Athens, Greece.  How deadly are these heatwaves – and how hot will they get? Read more In the US, Phoenix has had 70 days where temperatures have not dipped below 32C, including a three-week stretch where tempera

Tens of thousands of Israelis march as vote on judicial curbs nears

 Tens of thousands of Israelis opposed to a judicial overhaul sought by the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, marched to Jerusalem on Saturday as pressure mounts on his rightwing government to scrap a bill that would curtail the supreme court’s powers. Carrying Israeli flags, a long column of protesters hiked up the winding highway to Jerusalem under a scorching summer sun, to the sounds of beating drums and anti-government chants and cheers. The government’s attempt to change Israel’s judiciary has plunged the country into one of its worst political crises, sparking nationwide protests, denting the economy and stirring concern among western allies. Israeli police use a water cannon to disperse demonstrators during a protest in Tel Aviv Israel: Netanyahu announces delay to judicial overhaul plan Read more Protesters have been walking for days through a heatwave, camping out overnight and met by local people offering food and drink, with their numbers swelling as they reached the city

Retired Canada police officer charged with foreign interference for China

A retired police officer in Canada has been arrested and is facing rare charges under the country’s national security laws, police said on Friday. William Majcher, 60, “allegedly used his knowledge and his extensive network of contacts in Canada to obtain intelligence or services to benefit the People’s Republic of China”, the Royal Canadian Mounted police said in a news release. Canadian lawmaker says China targeted his family for harassment Read more Majcher is alleged to have “contributed to the Chinese government’s efforts to identify and intimidate an individual outside the scope of Canadian law”. Majcher is head of EMIDR, a Hong-Kong based cybersecurity company. According to his biography with a public speaking firm, Majcher worked as a money-laundering expert for nearly two decades, “successfully infiltrat[ing] a major Colombian cocaine cartel at the height of their power” and “expos[ing] Caribbean-based banks established by the Russian mafia to facilitate all manner of criminal

Twitter User Shares Intern Asked For ₹ 50,000 As Stipend For 5 Hours Of Work, Debate Begins Online

 Sameera Khan, the Director of People Success at Infeedo recently posted on Twitter about her experience of interviewing a Gen Z intern. Her post has sparked a debate on Twitter about the work-life balance sought by Gen Z professionals. Ms Khan in her now-viral post mentioned that she was interviewing a Gen Z intern who was looking for a work-life balance and not work more than five hours. "I was interviewing a GenZ intern today and he says he is looking for work-life balance with not more than 5 hours of work," she wrote. The intern also mentioned that he doesn't like MNC culture and wanted to work at a startup. "Doesn't like the MNC culture so wants to work at a startup. Also, wants a 40-50k stipend. God bless the future of work." See the post here: Gen Z's demands sparked a debate among social media users. A user commented, "5 hours of daily work at a start-up?" "He needs to work 100 hours a week for 5 years and get to a se

Man Walks Out Of Interview Over 15 Minutes Delay, Internet Reacts

  Everyone in the business world expects people to arrive on time; however, some individuals who feel they have the upper hand believe they are exempt from this rule. One person who went to appear in an interview felt similar lethargy from the employer, and he walked out of the interview after waiting for some time. The incident was posted on Reddit, where it was shared by the individual, creating a forum for discussion. "I walked in the front door of the facility at 2:30 today, exactly when I was due to meet the director in the front lobby. I spoke with an employee who paged him, and I was told that he'd be right over "in just a minute." "At 2:45, I just walked out and left. 15 minutes. I know our industry, and there's no good reason for me to wait more than a few minutes. All I see is a giant red flag waving: "This company is testing your patience because they want to be sure that the candidate is desperate because they're going to abuse them.&quo

Viral Pic Of Bengaluru Bus Driver Posing With Road Challan Sparks Hilarious Reactions

  A photo of a Bengaluru bus driver being issued a challan (fine) for taking an incorrect turn has gone viral on social media and sparked hilarious reactions from internet users.  It all started when the school bus driver was taking a wrong U-turn on a busy road near the Garudacharpalya metro station in Bengaluru. A Twitter handle named "FixBangalorePls" shared a video of the bus taking the wrong turn. "@ChrysalisHigh Your school bus full of students is driving down wrong way under Garudacharpalya metro station from Brigade Metropolis. Bus number KA53AA6189 . @blrcitytraffic please impose severe fine, being school bus and endangering life of so many kids is not done," the user wrote.  In another tweet, the Twitterati shared the video of the school bus doing a dangerously sharp U-turn again. "This is today, despite the complain, the same bus. what action is taken?" they wrote in the caption.  This is when the unexpected twist unfolded as the traffic police

Back India plans to achieve 50% non-fossil installed capacity by 2030: PM Modi

In a significant move towards green energy growth and transition, India is set to achieve 50 percent non-fossil installed capacity by 2030, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday. Virtually addressing the G20 energy ministers via meeting, PM Modi highlighted the importance of energy in shaping the future, sustainability, growth, and development of both individuals and nations. He expressed that despite different realities and pathways for energy transition, the ultimate goal of every country remains the same. With India being the world’s most populated nation and the fastest-growing large economy, the country is making commendable strides in fulfilling its climate commitments. PM Modi proudly revealed that India has surpassed its non-fossil installed electric capacity target nine years ahead of schedule and has now set even higher ambitions for itself. “We are among the global leaders in solar and wind power," the Prime Minister stated, citing India’s significant progress i

Opposition Parties in India came up with a new name - "INDIA"

As the name INDIA was discussed for the opposition in front at the Bengaluru conclave on Tuesday, one leader who needed some convincing was Nitish Kumar. After the meeting, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge announced that the alliance of opposition parties planning a joint strategy to take on the ruling BJP in 2024 would be called "INDIA" - an acronym for Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance. During the discussions, Nitish Kumar reportedly questioned how an opposition alliance could be named INDIA. He also expressed reservations about an acronym with the letters 'NDA' in it and about both names sounding similar. Someone pointed out to him that there was an "I" in the NDA. The Bihar Chief Minister had suggested names like - India Main Front and India Main Alliance. Left leaders were also reportedly hesitant and suggested different alternatives like "Save India Alliance" and "We for India". As most parties seemed to approve