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Yesterday, 1st October 2023, at around 10:30 PM IST, tech blog was listed on Trustpilot, a Danish customer reviews website. You can find the link here: is committed to providing unbiased articles to its readers for free. 

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Review of is a refreshing and intellectually stimulating website that stands out in the crowded digital landscape. As someone who values unbiased news and thought-provoking essays, I have found this platform to be a valuable resource for expanding my knowledge and perspective. Unbiased News Coverage: One of the standout features of is its commitment to delivering unbiased news coverage. In an age where sensationalism and bias often dominate the media landscape, this website serves as a breath of fresh air. The news articles are well-researched, fact-checked, and free from any discernible bias. It's a reliable source for staying informed about current events without the noise of political agendas or sensational headlines. Engaging Essays: The essays published on are a true treasure trove of intellectual exploration. Covering a diverse range of topics, from societal issues to personal growth, these essays are thoughtfull

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In a world teeming with information, staying up-to-date with your favorite blogs can be a challenge. For avid readers and followers of, your quest for the latest posts just got easier. Here's how you can ensure you never miss out on the insightful content published on this platform. 1. Bookmark The most direct way to access the latest posts is to bookmark in your web browser. By doing so, you can simply click on the bookmark whenever you want to check for new articles, tech updates, or engaging essays. It's a straightforward and efficient method to stay informed. 2. Subscribe via Email: offers a convenient email subscription service. Simply navigate to the blog's homepage and look for the "Subscribe" or "Follow via Email" option. By entering your email address and subscribing, you'll receive notifications directly in your inbox whenever a new post is published. 3. Follow MayankVikash on

Challenging Myself: Math Exam on Friday, October 6th, 2023

As the week unfolds, an air of anticipation and determination fills the corridors of our school. The reason? An impending math exam that promises to be both a test of knowledge and a personal challenge. This Friday, on October 6th, 2023, I will embark on a journey that I've wholeheartedly embraced—a journey to score a perfect 100 on my math exam. The road to this momentous day has not been without its trials. In the not-so-distant past, I faced the harsh reality of receiving less-than-satisfactory marks in math. However, instead of succumbing to disappointment, I chose to view this setback as an opportunity for growth. It was a turning point that ignited a determination within me to rise above the challenges and set a new standard for myself. Now, armed with a renewed passion for learning and a clear goal in mind, I stand ready to take on this challenge. The objective is as ambitious as it is inspiring: to achieve a flawless score of 100. This is not merely a quest for academic exc will not be closed

Yes. You read it right. This website is going to continue.  I had told in the previous post that the cost of renewing this domain from GoDaddy was too much for me to afford.  But money is not the case anymore. I had asked my parents and they agreed to pay 1600Rs. renewal charge for this .in domain.  So, this website is going to continue for another year. I am not posting anything on since a long time because I am focusing on my studies and my performance this term was really bad, so I guess I need to work harder. By the way, I am currently reading Biology chapter 9, The Excretlry System.  I could not wait to write about this exciting news, so I just picked my phone and started typing (Yes I use my phone to manage this blog, but for the main site, I need my laptop). is going down for sometime

Hello all, I created this website on 2nd October 2022. When I received the mail to renew the domain, I found out that the renewal price was too high which I as a student cannot afford. Therefore, I will be switching to Blogger ernoon and other publishing platforms.  It's sad. Yesterday, I lost the Essay Writing Competition which I was so sure that I would win and I wanted to win. After that, I thought, writing was not right for me and I was almost going to give up. Today I received an email from GoDaddy, asking to renew the domain which is highly overpriced (almost double what I paid at the time of purchase).  See you at other places! 

🎧 Listen to the Whispers of "The Fairest Lady": Audiobook Announcement

Dear Audiobook Enthusiasts and Readers, I'm thrilled to share some exciting news with you all! The enchanting world of "The Fairest Lady" is now expanding to reach your ears. Yes, you heard it right—get ready to immerse yourself in a captivating auditory experience as the audiobook version of "The Fairest Lady" is coming soon! **Journey into Darkness and Love:** Narrated by a voice that brings the story to life, the audiobook of "The Fairest Lady" will transport you into a world where darkness and love collide. From the whispering winds to the tender exchanges between characters, every nuance will be beautifully captured, allowing you to lose yourself in the narrative. **An Immersive Experience:** Whether you're commuting, relaxing, or simply want to lose yourself in a tale that transcends time, the audiobook offers a new dimension to the story. Feel the shivers down your spine during the suspenseful moments and the warmth of affection as love blos

A Grand Celebration: Toasting to the Success of "The Fairest Lady"

πŸŽ‰ **A Grand Celebration: Toasting to the Success of "The Fairest Lady"** Dear Readers, Supporters, and Fellow Adventurers, The pages of "The Fairest Lady" have now been released into the world, and we can't help but feel an overwhelming surge of joy and gratitude. As we bask in the glow of this milestone, it's time to come together and celebrate—a momentous after-publishing celebration that's all about embracing the magic of storytelling. **Venue:** Our celebration venue is a reflection of the enchanting world you've just stepped into. Picture a setting that captures the essence of the novel—where mystery and love intertwine, and where darkness and light dance in harmony. **An Atmosphere of Magic:** The air will be charged with excitement as you step into a space that's been transformed into a realm straight out of the book. From subtle details to immersive decor, every element is designed to immerse you in the narrative. **Engaging Experiences:

An Enchanted Evening: Celebrating "The Fairest Lady" Afterparty

πŸŽ‰ **An Enchanted Evening: Celebrating "The Fairest Lady" Afterparty** Dear Readers, Friends, and Fellow Adventurers, The echoes of excitement from the book launch of "The Fairest Lady" still reverberate through the air, and now it's time to come together once more to celebrate this monumental achievement. Welcome to the afterparty—a night of magic, mirth, and memories that will be etched in our hearts forever. **Venue:** The afterparty will unfold in a location that mirrors the enchanting world of the novel itself. Imagine stepping into a realm where darkness and light converge, where mysteries linger in the shadows, and where love's tendrils weave through the air. **Atmosphere of Enchantment:** As you enter the venue, be prepared to be transported into the heart of the story. From flickering candles to ethereal music, every element has been carefully curated to bring the world of "The Fairest Lady" to life. **Interactive Experiences:** Step into

Diving into Darkness and Love: A Review of "The Fairest Lady"

πŸ“š **Diving into Darkness and Love: A Review of "The Fairest Lady"** As I turned the pages of "The Fairest Lady," I found myself ensnared in a world where darkness and love danced in a delicate, captivating balance. Mayank Vikash's storytelling prowess shines brilliantly in this mesmerizing tale, leaving readers both haunted and enchanted. From the very first page, I was drawn into a narrative where mystery hung in the air like a shroud. The protagonist, a nameless girl with an insatiable curiosity, embarks on a journey that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. As she encounters a new boy in her English tuition, an attraction blossoms—one that soon intertwines with a web of secrets and revelations. Vikash masterfully weaves a story of love that spans time itself. The chemistry between the girl and the enigmatic boy is palpable, their interactions tinged with a sense of longing and connection that transcends the boundaries of centuries. The author's a

The Fairest Lady: Publishing in a few moments

In shadows deep, where secrets hide, A tale unfolds, a love defied. "The Fairest Lady," whispers the breeze, A symphony of heartbeats, a dance of keys. A mansion old, a mystery bound, Love's echoes within its walls resound. Two souls entwined, in darkness and light, Their journey takes flight in the still of the night. Emotions bloom like flowers rare, In moonlit nights and whispered prayers. A teenage heart, a timeless love, Woven within the stars above. With every page, a secret's unveil, A story that weaves a magical trail. Through love and darkness, they'll journey on, "The Fairest Lady," a tale begone. Unveil the pages, let hearts collide, In "The Fairest Lady," emotions ride. A world of enchantment, a love that's true, This story awaits, to captivate you. #TheFairestLady #EnchantedTale #EpicLoveStory

"The Fairest Lady": Now Featured on Google's Knowledge Panel

πŸ“š **"The Fairest Lady": Now Featured on Google's Knowledge Panel** Dear Literary Enthusiasts, Exciting news for all fans of "The Fairest Lady" by Mayank Vikash! We're thrilled to share that the enchanting world of the book has expanded beyond its pages and is now featured on Google's Knowledge Panel. **A Glimpse Into the Journey:** For those who have been captivated by the tale of love, mystery, and enchantment, the newly unveiled Knowledge Panel provides a deeper insight into the narrative's essence. From plot details to character introductions, this panel offers a curated overview that encapsulates the heart of the story. **Explore With Ease:** The Knowledge Panel allows readers to delve into the world of "The Fairest Lady" with ease. Whether you're seeking a quick refresher or delving into the narrative for the first time, this feature serves as a gateway to explore the story's intricacies and themes. **Connect With the Communit

πŸ“š"The Fairest Lady" Grand Debut: Unveiling Tomorrow

Dear Literary Enthusiasts, The wait is nearly over! Tomorrow, on August 16, 2023, a world of enchantment, love, and mystery will unfold before your eyes with the release of "The Fairest Lady" by Mayank Vikash. As we count down the hours until this mesmerizing tale graces the shelves, let's delve into what makes this release an event to anticipate. **A Saga of Unveiling:** Tomorrow marks the dawn of a new chapter—a chapter that transports you into a universe where love defies the boundaries of time and darkness. The pages of "The Fairest Lady" are poised to come alive, painting a canvas of emotions and intrigue that will leave you spellbound. **The Power of the Promotional Cover:** With each passing moment, the anticipation grows, and the promotional cover itself is a tantalizing glimpse into the narrative's essence. It's a visual representation of the world you're about to step into—a world where every corner holds a secret, and every shadow dances w

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πŸ“š Captivating Love: Romantic Excerpts from "The Fairest Lady"

Dear Hopeful Hearts, Prepare to be swept away into a realm where love reigns supreme, where every touch, every glance, becomes a symphony of emotions that resonate deep within your soul. "The Fairest Lady" by Mayank Vikash is a tale that weaves a spell of passion and tenderness, leaving you breathless with its captivating love story. **Embracing Love's Universe:** In the pages of "The Fairest Lady," love becomes more than just a feeling—it becomes an entire universe that envelopes the characters in a cocoon of tenderness. Every stolen glance, every brush of fingers, speaks of a connection that defies time and circumstance. **Whispers of the Heart:** "His eyes held galaxies within them, each star a reflection of his emotions. In that moment, as our gazes locked, I felt like I was falling into a universe where only he and I existed." These words resonate like a whisper from the heart, capturing the intensity of a love that transcends words. The character

πŸ“š **Unveiling the Dark Symphony: Eerie Excerpts from "The Fairest Lady"**

Dear Thriller Enthusiasts, Prepare to embark on a journey that delves deep into the heart of darkness, where shadows hold secrets and every corner whispers mysteries untold. "The Fairest Lady" by Mayank Vikash beckons you to explore a narrative that masterfully blends love, horror, and the enigmatic allure of the unknown. **Echoes of the Unseen:** In the chilling pages of "The Fairest Lady," the narrative comes alive with eerie excerpts that paint a vivid picture of the haunted mansion and the secrets it guards. These excerpts are not mere words; they're portals that transport you into the heart of the story's darkness—a darkness that holds both terror and fascination. **A Symphony of Shadows:** "As the clock struck midnight, a profound stillness settled over the mansion—a stillness so thick that it seemed to stifle the very air. It was then that I heard a faint, distant whisper, a spectral voice that seemed to emanate from the very walls themselves.&qu

Immerse Yourself in the Enchantment: "The Fairest Lady" Now Available on Google Books

Image πŸ“š **Immerse Yourself in the Enchantment: "The Fairest Lady" Now Available on Google Books** Dear Readers and Seekers of Magic, We are thrilled to announce that the enchanting world of "The Fairest Lady" by Mayank Vikash is now within your grasp on Google Books. Prepare to be transported into a narrative that intertwines immortal love, destiny's secrets, and the allure of darkness in a tale that will leave an indelible mark on your literary journey. **A Glimpse into the Tale:** "The Fairest Lady" is a tapestry woven with emotions, a symphony composed of love and darkness. As you dive into the pages of this captivating novel, you'll meet a young girl whose voice guides you through a journey of discovery, courage, and unbreakable bonds. **Love Beyond Time:** The heart of the narrative beats with a love th

πŸ“š Only 3 Days Until “The Fairest Lady” by Mayank Vikash Hits the Shelves: A Countdown to Magic and Mystery!

Dear Bibliophiles and Adventure Seekers, Can you feel the excitement in the air? In just three days, on August 16, 2023, the world of literature is about to be graced by the arrival of “The Fairest Lady” by the talented Mayank Vikash. Get ready to embark on a spellbinding journey that will transport you into a realm of immortal love, destiny’s secrets, and an enigmatic Prince whose allure is both captivating and haunting. Unveiling the Tale: As we gear up for the grand unveiling, let us offer you a glimpse of what awaits. “The Fairest Lady” is a symphony of emotions, woven with threads of love, mystery, and the eternal struggle between light and darkness. Through the eyes of a young girl, you’ll uncover a narrative that traverses time, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Journey Beyond Imagination: With each page, you’ll delve deeper into a world that challenges your perceptions and tugs at the strings of your heart. The characters’ dilemmas, aspirations, and fateful choice

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Counting Down to the Unveiling: "The Fairest Lady" Launching on August 16, 2023!

πŸ“š **Counting Down to the Unveiling: "The Fairest Lady" Launching on August 16, 2023!** Dear Book Enthusiasts, The wait is nearly over! In just six days, on August 16, 2023, a world of enchantment, love, and darkness will be at your fingertips as "The Fairest Lady" by Mayank Vikash graces the literary stage. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey that will sweep you off your feet and transport you to a realm where the boundaries of reality and fantasy blur. **A Tale of Love and Destiny:** As the countdown to the launch begins, let us give you a glimpse of what awaits. "The Fairest Lady" is a narrative that delves into the depths of human emotions, the power of destiny's guiding hand, and the allure of the unknown. Set against the backdrop of an ancient mansion and a mysterious Prince, the story follows a young girl whose life takes an unexpected turn when she encounters a boy who is both captivating and enigmatic. **Discover the Unseen:** With