English project: all essays

 Write down a note of 500words, on each of the following topics:

• 1. “Every person must have some skill in life.” Describe an important skill that you are 

learning, giving the various advantages that will accrue to you after learning it.

• 2. Imagine that you were all alone at home on a winter night. Suddenly there was 

thunder, lightning and heavy rain. There was no electricity and the inverter in your house 

stopped working. Narrate how you felt and what you did at that time.

• 3. You visited a heritage site with your classmates and teachers. Describe what you saw 

and learned from your visit. 

• 4. “Prayer does not change things. It changes people and people change things.” What 

do you think about the saying? Describe an incident from your personal experience to prove 

your point.

• 5. Recall a current news item in the newspaper or on television. Give an account of the 

matter and offer your opinion on it. 

• [II] Express your own views of 250 words in FAVOUR and 250 words AGAINST, each of the 


• i. The use of polythene bags should be banned. 

• ii. The government should ban all strikes in the country. 

• iii. Begging should be banned.


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