Manuscript of a future book

 This is a story about a boy, who lived a happy life.

He had a cousin (names are not decided yet). His cousin lived in other city for studies, when he was 10 her cousin left to a different city for her studies. Then after 4 years, completing her graduation, she returned home. Till now our boy had become matured and just like other teenagers. He has rejected by many girls and due to Covid-19 he had rarely met a girl.
Then his cousin arrived, in 4 years she had also become a good looking teenager.

When the boy met his cousin: Damm! She is so hot. (Dialogue)

He first controlled himself that he is doing wrong, she is her sister and he can't think those things about her. 
But he cannot resist his feeling and felt in love with her sister.

One day at afternoon they were talking and having fun and the boy asked:
Do you have a friend?
Girl: Yes lots of!
Boy: Any of them are male.
Girl: ufff! You are grown up.
Yes I have a friend.
Boy (jealous): have you ever been out with him?
Girl: Yes, we went lots of places together.
Boy (extreme jealous): Have you ever kissed him?
Girl: What!
Boy (Not curious, extreme extreme jealous) : No, just curious!
Girl: Yes we had a kiss in a restaurant.
Boy: Ok Good.
Girl: Do you have a girlfriend?
Boy: No and I don't want (lying)
Girl: Good Boy!
Boy: Have you watched Flower in the Attic (movie in which cousins fall in love with each other)?
Girl: Yes, why?
Boy: I wanted a kiss.
Girl: Go find a girl.
Boy: But in that movie they had a kiss (cousins)
Girl: So?
Boy: Can I also have one?
Girl: (Slapped him) Are you gone mad? Or lust demon has possessed you?
Boy: I am just asking one thing, I have never asked you something and I really love you.
Girl: But this is wrong.
Boy: but.
Girl: Enough! Forgot everything and don't dare to tell anyone, today what happened.

Next day her cousin left the house and that boy has now felt in depression because of his own cousin.

Few days later, that 14 years child can't hold so much sadness and tried to end his life. But then he stopped and thought of his family who loved him very much.

Then from the floors of his terrace a monster appeared:
Devil: Boy! Why did you stopped?
Boy (scared) : Who are you?
Devil: I am Devil.
Boy: What do you want? (Scared)
Devil (manipulating him) : You don't need to fear, you should take revenge from your sister, you loved her by heart and she!
She just rejected you like other girls. You asked her only for one thing in your entire life and she slapped you. What are you waiting for? Jump from this building and I will help your soul to take revenge.
Boy: Thanks you are my real friend.
(Black Screen with a suspense sound effect)

Scene at her Sister's Boyfriend House:
Soul: How did you dare to kiss my sister?
Boyfriend: Please leave me, I promise you will never see me here again.
Soul: You should think that before. (He killed his Sister's Boyfriend)

Scene at her Sister's House:
(No dialogue)
Soul slept with his sister.
Then her sister woke up:
Girl: What was that? I was sleeping with my cousin?  I think it was a dream.

Her brother's soul outside her house:
(With devil red eye effect in his eye scene cut)

Next morning:
Her Sister's mother (crying): Your brother accidentally fell from the terrace.

Girl: (Shocked) What! How?

(She knew that her cousin jumped from the wall because of her)

(Then that girl felt in depression)
Girl: He asked me only one thing and I didn't gave him, this is all my fault.

3 days later:
(Girl at the terrace of her house)
Girl: This is all my fault. I am coming to you brother.

Her brother's soul saw that and he realised what he had done (he had assault his own sister)

Soul: Devil!
Devil: Yes Boy.
Soul: Please bring back my sister, she jumped from her terrace because of me
Devil: There is a price for everything, boy.
Soul: What do you want?
Devil: Your soul.
Soul: I will do anything to save her but promise you will bring her boyfriend and her to life.
Devil: Deal Accepted.

Her sister levitating through the air came back to the terrace. She had came back from death so she can see her brother.

Girl: You, I missed you a lot.
Soul: No I am dead.
Girl: I am happy now we can live together.
Soul: You are not dead, you are alive.
Girl: But I jumped!
Soul: I sold my soul to devil and brought you back.
Girl: Why?
Soul: I am very bad.
Girl: I want to live with you.
Soul: You will change your decision after this. You remembered that night, when you had that dream.
Girl: How did you know?
Soul (crying from inside): That was not a dream, I slept with you in real and I also killed your boyfriend.
Girl: What, Why? You are a monster.

And she ran from there, after few years she led a happy life with her boyfriend and her brother was watching her smiling from hell.

/// Read this ///
No, I am not a psycho, but this will spread like a fire, once I released it, I have one more thing, that you are gonna to love, just let me know if you want to know about that.

I have some more future projects, that you would like. And they are also a masterpiece.

Ok so I wrote all the lines here just, and please forgive me if there is any grammar mistake, my hands are now shaking.

Hope you liked it and I really expect that you are going to watch it when it will be released.

By the way, it is releasing on my website.

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