Ode to a beloved one

In the realm of love, my words take flight,

A tribute to a girl, my heart's delight.

Her grace, a melody, enchanting and true,

A muse who makes my world feel brand new.

Her eyes, like stars, twinkle with delight,

Guiding my path through the darkest night.

Her smile, a sunbeam, warming my soul,

Igniting a fire that makes me whole.

Her laughter dances on the gentle breeze,

A symphony that puts my heart at ease.

Her touch, a feather, soft and serene,

Awakening emotions, pure and pristine.

Her spirit, a garden, blossoms in grace,

Filling my days with beauty and embrace.

Her presence, a treasure, beyond compare,

A love so deep, it's a bond we both share.

So here's my ode, a humble tribute,

To a girl whose love makes my world exquisite.

With every beat of my heart, I proclaim,

Forever and always, I love her name.


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