Rain's Joyful Harmony

In a world where raindrops kiss the ground,

A symphony of joy, in droplets found.

For though sadness clings to its watery grace,

A tale of happiness, it still does embrace.

The heavens weep, tears of pure delight,

As laughter resounds, the skies ignite.

Each raindrop, a gem of shimmering glee,

A dance of hope, a jubilant decree.

Through the mist, a rainbow's smile appears,

A vibrant arc, allaying all our fears.

In colors bold, a promise so true,

A joyful pledge, life begins anew.

Let not the gloom obscure the sight,

Of rain's benevolence, its wondrous light.

For in every drop, a chance to renew,

A healing touch, a love so true.

With laughter, children chase the showers,

In puddles, they find their treasure's bowers.

Their tiny feet splash joyfully along,

Their hearts aglow with nature's song.

The flowers bloom with gratitude's embrace,

As raindrops caress each petal's grace.

Their vibrant hues, a testament of cheer,

In water's embrace, they hold no fear.

So when the clouds come rolling by,

And raindrops fall from the vast sky,

Embrace the joy that it can bring,

The happiness in everything.

For in the rain, a gift is found,

A symphony of life, unbound.

In every drop, hope does reside,

A happiness that won't subside.


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