Afflicted by Illness and Confronted with Academic Assessments: My Dual Challenge

I had tests from Monday, 11th September and I got sick on Friday. I had a really bad headache when I reached home after school on Friday. The next day, it got worse and now my whole head was aching and there was immense body pain. 

On Monday, I had the tests of Maths and Hindi, so I took medicines and started to prepare for the test. 

I was not hoping that my Maths would go well, but the questions were easy, and I was easily able to score full marks. 

Today, that is Tuesday was Physics and English Literature. For Physics, I had the chapter Electric Current, which is a very big chapter, and revising it a day before the test was tough, especially when I was sick. 

But again, the paper was easy, and I made just one mistake with Semiconductors rest of everything was correct, even the Numericals were easy. 

Today's day at school was a little bit bad. I had a runny nose today, and the whole day it troubled me a lot. Still, at the time of writing, I am sneezing and even my eyes are also completely wet. But I am glad that my head no more ache.

Tomorrow, I have Biology and Chemistry.
I have revised Electrolysis for Chemistry and I have to do my revision of Excretory System.

I was not able to be active on the website because of tests and my poor health and I hope to get better soon.


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