Today's exam didn't went very well

I have exams going on and today was Biology. Biology is a subject in which I used to score 100 easily and it is also the subject in which almost all the classes get passed. It is not because we love the subject or we want to become a doctor something, but because of the teacher. 

Our Biology teachers explain the chapters and important topics exceptionally well and also take regular tests. This time I had taken leave because I had to study Maths in which I was determined to score 100 - this also didn't end well, I will tell this story in a future post.

So, I was not present during the revision classes and yesterday, I do not know why, I had not studied even a single word. 

It was embarrassing staring at question paper all the time when your answer sheets were blank. I had just taken the worst exam of this term. 

The questions were easy (so I have heard from others), but for me, they were really tough and I ended up leaving a lot of them.

I expect marks between 40-50 out of 80. This is my first time getting such low marks since our Biology teacher started teaching us. 

I do not know how will I face her and what will I say to her. 

I guess, I have started taking studies very lightly and this is the reason why I am not able to attempt such simple questions.

Tomorrow, that is Saturday, I have a holiday and on Monday, I have Physics, I will currently go to solve Computer programs and after that I will prepare for English Literature which is on Wednesday and is the last exam.

I fear if I keep this attitude, I might not be able to get good marks on the boards which are in February next year. 


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